Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Productivity...

My project this weekend was really to clean my house! It needed a good spring cleaning, and purging, as we seem to have acquired alot of junk over the last year. We've made three separate trips to the local thrift store with furniture, clothes, books, and even a big bag of yarn. (That last one made the thrift store employees VERY happy!)

I got married last September, and my husband sent me a beautiful flower arrangement, the day before our wedding. After the wedding, I made sure to hang the flowers up to dry, along with my bouquet, so that I could do something with them. In our cleaning frenzy, this weekend, I realized they were STILL hanging in our laundry room! So I took them down and made this.

I love it because it has the single yellow rose right in the center. Yellow roses are my favorite. Also, it's in a mason jar like the ones we used for the centerpieces at our wedding. It's a great addition to our dining room table and a pretty reminder of our awesome September weekend!

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