Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Here. We. Go.

Welcome! The purpose of this blog is mainly to be a showcase for my creative pursuits, as a writer, a knitter, a crafter, and a designer of...things. My current projects are:

1) My Arts & Crafts blog. It's so great to be able to tap into the creativity of Philly with this blog. I think it's helped me become more connected to the city, in a way. There's a great give-and-take with this type of writing, where I can tap my existing knowledge of the arts in Philly, while also constantly finding new crafty hot spots in the city, as I do my research.

2) Designing and making knitted items for a to-be-launched shop on This is my first foray into writing my own knitting patterns and it's really given me a boost in confidence. It's one thing to be able to follow a pattern and create a piece that looks like the picture on the page. But to envision a piece in your head and then figure out a way to engineer it? That's a whole new world for me, having spent the majority of my adult life in the legal world, where ingenuity is not always encouraged. My design goal is always to create something that is simplistic, but with a gentle flourish. The picture above is of one of my recent products, which I am tentatively calling "The Walk in the Woods Hat."

3) Redesigning a space in my home that will be a work space, office, and showcase, and then helping others to do the same thing in their own homes. While I am a person who often works in front of the TV, because I like having the background noise, I also crave a space that is my own. I wanted something that had color, and where I could also place items that inspired me. Pictures will be forthcoming as soon as the final touches to the room are complete!

4) A super secret project that has yet to be revealed. Trust me, if all works out, it will be worth the wait!

Please comment to your heart's content, and enjoy!

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  1. I would like to buy my own walk in the woods hat please. thank you.